Starting Solids & Baby Led Weaning Basics with Motherhood Uncorked

A few weeks ago (during the most epic snowstorm of the season!) I sat down with Cortney, mother and creator of Motherhood Uncorked, to talk all things Starting Solids. We had such a great time covering all the basics including: when to start, how to start, what baby led weaning/feeding really is, food allergies, and how to feed your baby safely. This is a must watch for all of the parents out there who aren’t feeling confident about starting solids. I know how scary this transition can be, and always love to be able to offer some support and advice for parents. Watch Video

Starting Solids: The 1st Year (BLW & Purees) *ONLINE LIVE WORKSHOP
Class Details:

If you’re needing more help and support please Register for one of my upcoming Starting Solids Workshops, or reach out ( My 2 hour workshop is jam packed and always leaves parents feeling so much more confident in their approach to starting solids and progressing through textures with their baby. Workshop covers:

  • Purpose of Mealtimes

  • Signs of Readiness

  • 1st Foods & Foods to Avoid

  • Updated Allergy Evidence & Guidelines

  • Spoon Feeding & Baby Led Feeding

  • Choking vs Gagging *How & when to safely intervene

  • Food Progression & Motor Development in the 1st Year

  • Meeting Nutritional Requirements & Healthy Recipes for Baby

  • Cooking & Preparing Food for Your Baby

  • Real Food Demos, so you can feel confident preparing and serving food at home

Space is extremely limited in each session to allow for individual questions, so don’t wait to Register!

You can also check out my Starting Solids videos on YouTube. More to come very soon!

Feel free to ask any questions below and don’t forget to check out this video.

- Care

*Please note: The information in this video is meant to help you learn about starting solids. The information provided does not constitute individual advice or consultation and should not be used as such. The information provided is not intended to override your health care providers recommendations for your individual baby.