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Valentine's Day is a holiday that I was never really into, until I had kids. Now I absolutely love sharing all the love with my kiddos on February 14th. Doing heart themed crafts, making heart shaped foods, and giving special little notes of love are some of the ways that we love to celebrate. As a mom, my absolute favourite way to mark this special time of year is with holiday photos. How could you not? Look at these adorable Valentine's babes.



Since I know so many of you can't resist a holiday baby, I am excited to announce that Anchor Studio Photography will be joining me at Movies for Mommies for 2 weeks to offer complimentary Valentine's Mini Photo Sessions. Appointments will be scheduled between 12pm-1pm on each day (January 29th & February 5th). Photo sessions are free and attendees have the option to purchase photos for $25/digital image. *PLEASE NOTE: Sessions are reserved for Movie Attendees Only.

Space is very limited for these sessions, so please email ASAP to request a spot. Don't forget to let me know which day you prefer, January 29th or February 5th. If the date you prefer is full I will offer you a time on the other day, or a spot on the wait list. These sessions fill up very fast, so please don't wait!

*The movies being screened January 29th & February 5th are still TBD (I will update this post as they become available). If you would like to receive notice of our weekly screenings and special events please join my Movies for Mommies Humber Cinemas Newsletter.

Here are a few of my favourite Valentine's photos that Anchor Studio has taken of my kiddos in the past. I can't believe how much the girls have changed. 

The cookie sequence below cracks me up.

Don't forget to email me to request a spot and let me know which day you prefer, January 29th or February 5th. Hope to see you on Monday at the Movies! 

*If you can't make it to the Movies during these times check out the Studio Valentine's Sessions that Anchor Studio is hosting February 10th & 11th. Sessions are $199 plus HST for a 30 minute in studio session with 8 digital images available for downloading. Space is limited for these sessions REGISTER HERE.

- Care

5 Ingredient Overnight French Toast Casserole

I always love pre-made options for feeding my family, so over the holidays I set out to search for an overnight french toast casserole recipe. I was so excited to try out something new, but was shocked when I saw just how much sugar was included in most recipes. No judgement here, I love sugary homemade treats, but I don't want to make every breakfast a dessert. Plus, french toast is a breakfast that already typically gets doused in syrup by my kids, so I wanted it to be a tad healthier.  

When I couldn't find what I wanted I decided to adapt my french toast recipe to suit an overnight bake. It was so simple, and turned out better than I could have expected. The kids gobbled it up and begged for seconds. Plus, mom and dad loved it too. 

The best part is that it only takes 5 ingredients and a few minutes to make up the night before. Then you get to enjoy your morning with your family while the delicious smell of fresh baked french toast casserole wafts through your home. For a tired mama, it doesn't get much better.

WithCare-French Toast.jpg


  • 1 loaf of crusty bread cut into cubes (I used an Italian loaf this time, but plan on trying a whole grain variety next time.)
  • 8 large eggs whisked
  • 3 cups whole milk (or combo of milk and cream)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • Grease large casserole dish with butter (approximately 9x13)
  • Cut up crusty loaf into chunks and place in casserole dish *If bread is not stale leave it out in the dish for a while to dry out. It absorbs the custard better when dry.
  • In a large bowl whisk eggs, milk, cinnamon & vanilla 
  • Pour custard mixture over bread
  • Use a silicone flipper to gently rotate bread in pan so it all gets covered in custard
  • Cover with Abeego or plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight
  • When ready to bake preheat oven to 350 degrees and remove plastic wrap 
  • Use silicone flipper to rotate bread again and pat down into pan with flipper
  • Place in oven and bake for 45 minutes rotating the pan half way through
  • *optional* When timer is up, sprinkle top with 1 tsp granulated sugar and broil on low for 5 minutes. 
  • Remove from oven and let cool for a few minutes before serving. 

For a special treat on New Years Day I served the casserole with fresh whipped cream, some delicious maple syrup and tons of berries and bananas. Plus a hearty helping of local bacon ;) For regular everyday eating try serving it with greek/coconut yogurt and fresh fruit. Plus you can sprinkle the top with some hemp hearts for a little extra boost.

You can also add fresh or frozen fruit to your french toast casserole before baking. Blueberries and diced apples are both delicious additions to this simple recipe.

Hope you and your family enjoy this as much as mine did. Please let me know if you make it. I would love to hear how it goes.

Care xo


6 Simple Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

6 Simple Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

As a long time avid DIY'er I absolutely love making our friends and family some homemade goodies for the holidays. This year I thought I would share a few of my simple DIY recipes with my readers in case you're in need of some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. These all make great gifts for party hosts, teachers, neighbours, family and friends, and most can be made in a few minutes. 

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Modern Mama Social - GIVEAWAY! Enter for a Chance to WIN 2 Tickets + Prize!

Modern Mama Social - GIVEAWAY! Enter for a Chance to WIN 2 Tickets + Prize!

I don't know about most of you mamas out there, but getting out for a night out with friends is a rare event for me. So when I heard that my friends Freda (owner of Bridge the Bump) and Christine (owner of Olilibaby ) were hosting a fun evening out I knew I had to score a ticket. The Modern Mama Social isn't just any typical night out. These ladies have thought of it all, right down to the dream mom venue...Anthropologie of course ;) 

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Lucy's 4th Unicorn Birthday Party

This year for Lucy's 4th Birthday I decided to go all out and throw her the party of her dreams. As a true 2nd child, she has never had a real party until now. While Ben has had several epic birthday parties. So basically, this party was making up for a few years of some serious parental guilt. 

Lucy requested a Unicorn party, with a unicorn flavoured cake, and real live unicorns!! After a discussion about mythical creatures vs. real animals, and a little internet search for animals and kid's birthday parties, we settled on unicorn invites, a unicorn shape cake, and a visit from some adorable animals care of Pawsitively Pets. Luckily since we wanted to have a weeknight birthday party they were able to accommodate my less than 2 week notice (see I'm not always organized). Please note: weekend parties book up much farther in advance, so don't wait as long as I did, or you'll be disappointed.

Once I knew Lucy wanted a Unicorn party I set to work on the internet to find a perfect invite and some cute decor. I fell in love with this invite from Little Crazy Doughnut on Etsy, and knew Lucy would adore it too. I absolutely love buying custom invites like this because it's so convenient, affordable, and fast. Which was especially important on my tight timeline.

We sent our invites out via email which is a time and money saver, and has the added benefit of preventing kids from getting their feelings hurt at school. I firmly believe that you can invite as many or as few kids to a birthday party, as long as your tactful about it. A full class party of 28 kids was not happening for us, so Lucy chose a few of her friends from her class and our neighbourhood to invite.

Next I set out to find a unicorn cake and when I saw this one by Le Dolci I knew it was perfect. I wanted this to be a huge surprise for Lucy, so I never let her see photos of it ahead of time. She was absolutely blown away by it, and so were all of the guests at the party. Plus it was absolutely delicious! As a baker I'm especially picky of icing and this was some amazing icing. 

The beautiful flowers from Tonic Blooms added such a perfect touch to the table, and brightened up our home all week. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, so I sent them a photo of some of the party decor and they made up these gorgeous arrangements. I was blown away by how well they complimented the overall theme. 

I absolutely love the way the decor all turned out, but nothing at the party could compare to the adorable creatures Pawsitively Pets brought. Our host Jess arrived a few minutes early and set up the area for the pet show. I loved how they came so prepared with sheets to cover the floors, baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Jess was great with the kids and managed to keep them engaged throughout the whole hour. When some of the kids started getting tired of sitting, she did a little exercise break with them and got them right back into the show. The kids got to look at, learn about, touch and hold a bunch of different cool animals. The questions that the kid's asked were so adorable, and it was amazing to hear some of the stuff they already knew about the animals. The chinchilla was the highlight of the party for me. Not only the softest thing I have ever felt (seriously it's softer than cashmere. no joke. I want one), but it also sat on their heads, which basically made their year. 

I'm so happy to have so many amazing memories from Lucy's party captured by Silvia and Tony of Anchor Studio. I know I would never have been able to get action shots like this while hosting. Although we won't be able to have a photographer at every party, it was a nice treat for this one. I don't think Lucy is going to forget this party anytime soon. She is still wearing her unicorn horn around the house...and sometimes to school. So all in all I would say it was a major success. I will be sure to share the DIY Unicorn horns on the blog soon. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next kid's birthday party. 


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The Heavy Flow Podcast With Care

I'm really excited/totally terrified to share this with everyone. A few weeks ago I was a guest on my first ever podcast. As someone who firmly hates listening to their own voice (I hear it's common), and who is a bit anxious about being an "expert" speaker (I know that's silly since i'm a midwife and teacher, but it's true), this was a bit outside of my comfort zone. I have know Amanda Laird, the amazing creator of The Heavy Flow Podcast for over a year now, since meeting at one of my CPR workshops that she attended with her partner and adorable daughter Maisie. Amanda and I hit it off right away and have stayed friends since, so when she asked me to be on The Heavy Flow I knew I had to toss my fears aside and do it. 

Each week on The Heavy Flow Amanda chats with guests about all the nitty gritty health and wellness topics that are currently too taboo for our society to put out in the open. Informative and casual conversations like these about menstruation, fertility, childbirth, menopause, birth control, sexuality, mental health, hormonal health and reproductive health, are so integral as a step toward making this information accessible to all people. I absolutely love this podcast and highly recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any of these amazing discussions. As Amanda says "We are not truly empowered until we all understand the bodies we live in." I couldn't agree more. 

In my episode Amanda asks me about the stuff that we don't talk about when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth & early parenting. We talk about realistic expectations, physiologic labour and birth, informed choice, support, and how your birth experience can impact your life as a new parent. Plus we laugh a lot. I can't wait for you to hear it. **Please note that we talk about birth trauma in this episode**


Halloween Mini Sessions at Movies for Mommies

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much obsessed with seeing my kiddos in halloween costumes. They're always so ridiculously cute. Every year I try to capture a sweet photo as a memento, but I have learned over the years that it's best to do it before Halloween. That way I don't have to compete with their sheer excitement for CANDY! Snapping a good pic can be tough, so I love letting the professionals do the hard work. 

Halloween Anchor Studio Movies for Mommies

This month I will be hosting 2 sessions of Complimentary Halloween Mini Sessions with Anchor Studio at Movies for Mommies at the Humber Cinema. Photos will take place pre-show from 12-1pm on Monday October 16th (Battle of the Sexes) and Monday October 23rd (Movie TBD).  Sessions are complimentary for Movies Attendees, and high resolution digital images can be purchased for $25/file. 

Space is extremely limited for these sessions and always fills up fast, so please don't wait to register. Send an email to indicating which date you prefer, and a session time will be emailed to you. If all sessions are booked I will give you the option of being added to the waiting list. 

These are a few of my favourites from our Halloween session with Anchor Studio last fall. As you can see Lucy refused to put on her costume (in true preschooler fashion), so Silvia and Tony rolled with it and made it a fall inspired session instead. 

Halloween Anchor Studio Movies for Mommies

Penny obviously rocked her costume.

Halloween Anchor Studio Movies for Mommies

Don't forget that Anchor Studio is one of my partners and offers 10% off to my clients. Just mention With Care when you book your session. 

Hope to see you at the Movies! 


**Please Note: Sessions are for Movie attendees only. Send an email to indicating which date you prefer, and a session time will be emailed to you. If all sessions are booked I will give you the option of being added to the waiting list. *