Forward Facing Babywearing 101 - Safety, Ergonomics & Carrier Styles, What You Need To Know

As a mom of 3 and a Babywearing Educator I get a ton of questions from parents in my community and online about appropriate positions to babywear. So I wasn't surprised when Nikki Bergen, local mama and creator of The Belle Method, contacted me to answer some of her own questions about forward facing babywearing. I met with Nikki in her home and we went over the most important things to consider when planning to forward face your baby. We chat safety, ergonomics, carrier styles, and I even give my top babywearing tip! Watch the video to learn more. 

***Disclaimer: As a Babywearing Educator I always recommend inward facing, hip, and back carries as the most ergonomic for parents and babe, but when a parent chooses to forward face, my job is to help them do it in the safest and most ergonomic way possible, not to judge or shame them. There is no solid evidence that shows that short periods of forward facing babywearing cause hip dysplasia or improper spinal development. Please remember that what one parent decides is right for them and their baby, might not be the same as what you would decide, but that does not make them a bad, careless or uneducated parent. 


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Please note that if you're feeling any pain, pressure, or discomfort while babywearing you should always reach out to a pelvic floor physiotherapists to help assess the situation. Here in Toronto West End Mamas has an amazing team of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists ready to help (I speak from personal experience), so make sure to give them a shout to set up an appointment. They offer on-site childcare, plus mention With Care for 20% off your 1st wellness service.

Don't forget to check out The Belle Method to learn more about Nikki's amazing online exercise programs designed to support your pelvic floor and core throughout pregnancy and postpartum, plus her incredible local classes in Toronto. You can also watch a recent video we made together where Nikki shares her Top 3 Pregnancy Exercises

Please feel free to comment below with any questions or topics you would like covered in future videos. Happy Babywearing!

- Care

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*The information in this video is meant to help you learn about safe babywearing. Please always refer to your particular baby carrier manual to ensure proper and safe use. The information provided does not constitute individual advice or consultation and should not be used as such. 

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