Winter Babywearing Essentials

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of babywearing. I babywear almost 365 days a year and don't know how I would survive life as a Mom of 3 without my carriers. Although many people express shock and horror at the idea of trudging through the snow wearing a baby, I can tell you from experience that it's a lot easier wearing baby than trying to push a stroller through the snow on sidewalks and up snowbanks. I've had lots of questions recently about winter babywearing, so I thought I would share a few of my essentials for surviving the winter with a baby (or toddler) in tow.

Must Haves For Parent (Babywearer)

1. Flat Winter Boots with Good Tread

Babywearing is safe in most wintery conditions, but it's essential that you have good footing under you. A flat pair of properly fitting winter boots with a nice deep tread are ideal. In addition I recommend that you don't babywear if there is an ice warning, it's a particularly slippery day, or if you have any injuries that could make you more likely to fall. 

2. Babywearing (& Pregnancy) Coat Adapter

Skip the snow suit and wear baby inside your coat! Bridge the Bump (Made locally by 2 West End Moms - See full review here) makes leaving the house with baby so much easier. All you have to do is dress baby in normal warm cloths (cozy pants, socks, a warm shirt, sweater, hat and booties - see below) and pop them in the carrier inside your coat with the insert zipped up. Having the baby directly in the carrier typically means that it will fit better (vs. if they have bulky winter gear on) and your body heat will keep you both warm. This is ideal for errands and trips where you will be going inside, as you can simply open your coat or take it off and baby can stay in their carrier without the dangers of overheating in their snow suit or trapping you in your warm coat. 

3. Slim Neckwarmer


Having the top of your coat open to accommodate a baby in a carrier can leave a gap around your neckline leaving your skin exposed to the weather. To cover up this gap and stay warm a slim fitting neck warmer is ideal. Be careful of large, bulky, loose scarves and neck warmers that could impede baby's fresh flow of air or cover their face in any way. This beautiful neck warmer from Bridge the Bump is a new fav of mine because it's super cozy but also slim, so it sits close to my skin and doesn't bother Penny. 

Must Haves For Baby

4. Winter Hat for Baby

When wearing our baby we always want them to be visible and kissable. Visible means we never want to cover baby's face with a blanket, carrier hood, or scarf, even in the winter months. Parents are very concerned about their baby staying warm in the cold weather, but when baby is facing in against an adult the body heat created should keep them nice and cozy. A winter hat, ideally something that covers the back of the neck, will keep baby warm, but not impede their fresh flow of air or block your view of their face. If you have concerns about your baby's skin getting chapped in the cold air you can apply a thick barrier cream such as Shea butter before heading out.

5. Winter Booties for Baby

Since your baby won't be in a snow suit in their carrier I recommend some cozy booties to keep their toes and legs nice and warm. There are tons of great booties out there, but I recently found these locally made ones from Mimitens and absolutely love them for little babes who aren't walking yet. They're thinsulate, water resistant, and have a leg warmer attached. This is key for me, because they are less likely to fall off and be lost on treacherous winter walks. It's never fun to realize you've lost one bootie from your favourite pair. I think these might actually survive a whole season!

The real winter weather has yet to arrive, but I know when it does Penny and I will be ready. I hope I've given you some winter babywearing inspiration. If you prep now you can enjoy a winter with your cozy babe in tow. *Don't forget to use code WITHCARE10 for 10% off Bridge The Bump.

- Care