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As a CPR & Safety Instructor I talk a lot about First Aid Kits. Plus, as a mom of 3 high energy kids (going on 4 this fall) I use my first aid skills pretty frequently. While there are lots of amazing pre-made kits in stores, most of them don't come with medications included (vs. in the US where they typically are included) so make sure you check what's inside to confirm before relying on it in an emergency.

You can put together a fairly simple DIY kit for family use with some items you can easily get online, or from your local grocery store or pharmacy. Watch my video to see my basic First Aid Kit for everyday use with a young family whether around your home, cottage, camping, or on a trip.


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- Care

In this post: Details of contents can be found in the comments of the YouTube video. Please click the link here to see the products featured. 

*The information in this video is meant to help you learn about first aid and safety. It is not intended to override the instructions given to you by your health care team. The information provided does not constitute individual advice or consultation and should not be used as such.