The Heavy Flow Podcast With Care

I'm really excited/totally terrified to share this with everyone. A few weeks ago I was a guest on my first ever podcast. As someone who firmly hates listening to their own voice (I hear it's common), and who is a bit anxious about being an "expert" speaker (I know that's silly since i'm a midwife and teacher, but it's true), this was a bit outside of my comfort zone. I have know Amanda Laird, the amazing creator of The Heavy Flow Podcast for over a year now, since meeting at one of my CPR workshops that she attended with her partner and adorable daughter Maisie. Amanda and I hit it off right away and have stayed friends since, so when she asked me to be on The Heavy Flow I knew I had to toss my fears aside and do it. 

Each week on The Heavy Flow Amanda chats with guests about all the nitty gritty health and wellness topics that are currently too taboo for our society to put out in the open. Informative and casual conversations like these about menstruation, fertility, childbirth, menopause, birth control, sexuality, mental health, hormonal health and reproductive health, are so integral as a step toward making this information accessible to all people. I absolutely love this podcast and highly recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any of these amazing discussions. As Amanda says "We are not truly empowered until we all understand the bodies we live in." I couldn't agree more. 

In my episode Amanda asks me about the stuff that we don't talk about when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth & early parenting. We talk about realistic expectations, physiologic labour and birth, informed choice, support, and how your birth experience can impact your life as a new parent. Plus we laugh a lot. I can't wait for you to hear it. **Please note that we talk about birth trauma in this episode**