New Mom Project - Donation Drop Off

With Care is proud to partner with The New Mom Project to accept donations to be passed on to families in need.

Donation Collections are held one Tuesday of every month near Jane & Annette from 12pm - 7pm (September to June, no summer collections).  **Please note: With Care can not provide pick-up services or accomodate alternative drop off times**

Upcoming Donation Dates: **Please email for the residential collection address.

  • Tuesday September 17th 2019 12pm-7pm

  • Tuesday October 15th 2019 12pm-7pm

  • Tuesday November 19th 2019 12pm-7pm

  • Tuesday December 10th 2019 12pm-7pm

Items Accepted for Donation:  

  • Nearly new baby clothing from 0-12 month sizes (including onesies, sleepers, pants, dresses, socks, shoes, snowsuits & hats.)

  • Baby blankets, Sleep Sacs

  • Baby carriers (in good working order, without recalls)

  • Disposable Diapers (open packages accepted)

  • Wipes (only unopened packages)

  • Baby baths & bath products (only unopened packages)

  • Small infant toys (0-12 months)

  • New bottles & formula (only unopened packages)

  • Bumbo Seats/Bouncy Seats/Play Mats

  • Highchairs *please check recalls

  • Strollers *please check recalls

  • Cribs *No drop sides, please check recalls. Please place hardware in a ziplock bag tapped to the crib rails

  • Nursing pillows

  • Pureed food pouches (unexpired & unopened)

Although we would love to accept all donations The New Mom Project is a volunteer based organization and is only capable of handing donations for infants 0-12 months. Please check this list before making a donation.

*Items Not Accepted!

  • No maternity clothes, nursing bras/tops

  • No toddler/preschooler clothing, gear or toys

  • No used car seats

  • No used breastpumps or open bottles

  • No opened wipes packages

  • No opened or expired formula

  • No gliders, rockers or large furniture

  • No change tables

  • No baby food in glass jars, or expired food

  • No broken/damaged items or ones missing pieces

Please Contact The New Mom Project Directly with any questions about alternative donation collection times or special pick ups. 

*Thanks for your generosity