5 Favourite Signs for Mealtime with Baby

Baby sign language is a great way to increase communication with your baby before oral language skills are developed. I love using sign language with our babies and have found it hugely helpful in reducing frustration in their non-verbal days. 

I often get asked when we started signing, and how we developed and added to our repertoire over time. I'll be sharing more about our journey with Baby Sign Language over the next few months, but for now I thought I would share a few of our favourite signs for mealtime. 

One of the ways that we naturally increased our sign language vocabulary was adding signs as we encountered new situations or started new routines for our babies. Starting Solids is a great time to introduce basic signs like food and drink, as well as signs that help baby tell us that they want more, or have had enough. These signs are especially important so we can ensure that we are always listening to our baby, and giving them full control over what, and how much, they eat. 

Watch this video of Penny to see one of our favourite Baby Led Feeding Breakfasts. Plus learn 5 of our Favourite Signs for Mealtime with Baby.


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