Family Fun for March Break - Enter My TIFF digiPlaySpace GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to bring the kids to check out TIFF's digiPlaySpace. Since taking all 3 littles downtown on my own seemed a tad daunting for a Wednesday morning, I decided to make it a special date for my big guy Ben (with the baby in tow of course). When the day was done Ben declared "This was one of my best days ever!" So the short story is, if you haven't checked out this incredible interactive event for kids age 3+, you really should. But now, for some of the fun details. 

When we first arrived at the digiPlaySpace it was tough to choose what to check out first. There were so many amazing displays vying for our attention. We slowly worked our way around the room to see what sparked Ben's interest and was appropriate for his age (5 1/2) and ability. The clearly marked signs at each display had a description and recommended age, which made it simple to find suitable activities. 

We started off playing with polar bears and climbing mountains on the "Canada on (Green) Screen" by Parks Canada. Ben learned about LED Coding as he tossed balls through holes to create a complete circuit. We played, hugged and laughed with Little Robot Friends, and had fun making art with Drawbots. We also boogied down at the Animation Space Station. Ok maybe this one was just Mommy & Penny, Ben ditched us! Luckily I always look super cool dancing like a robot ;) 

As a parent, my favourite was seeing Ben in action with Osmo. This award winning game works with an iPad to create tactile and interactive learning opportunities for kids. Ben loved the coding activity and asked for Osmo to be added to his birthday list right after we left. 


When I asked Ben what his favourite activity was, he had a hard time choosing, but finally declared "Flight Painting!"  At this installation we controlled the height, colour, speed and brightness of a light to create a unique pattern that was captured in a long-exposure picture. This was one of my favourites too, because not only did we get to do it together, but we made some beautiful 3D light paintings like this one.

With March break around the corner I thought it would be fun to do a GIVEAWAY for a Family Pack of 4 tickets to TIFF's digiPlaySpace. The event is on until April 23, 2017 and is geared towards kids age 3-13, however every adult I saw there was having a blast too! Weekday admission is $11 per person and weekend admission is $13 per person. (Babies 2 and under are Free)

Don't wait! Enter Now for a Chance to WIN a Family Pack of 4 Tickets to The TIFF digiPlaySpace. Simply comment below with your name and email address, or alternatively you may comment below and submit your email address to for entry. Plus make sure to check out our Facebook page & Instagram feed for 2 more ways to enter! 

Contest is open to all residents of Canada and closes Thursday March 9th at 11pm EST. A winner will be chosen at random and announced within 24 hours. Good Luck!

- Care

* I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. TIFF provided admission for my family and for the Giveaway. All opinions are my own...and Ben's ;)