Back to School AKA Happy Halloween!?!

One day into the school year and Halloween stuff is already lining the shelves at most big stores around the city. Don't panic! The stores like to pretend that Halloween is just around the corner so you stock up on treats (that you inevitably eat in the weeks preceding halloween & then have to replace), but really we still have 8 full weeks to prepare. Totally doable, and yet I know I will blink and it will actually be Halloween. Time flies these days.

I try not to go too overboard with the refined sugary treats with my little ones (3 years & 11 months), but I love to make homemade treats & find great costumes for our whole family to have fun with. This week Benny asked if he could be a Lion for Halloween and it made me realize that I better start thinking about what I need to prepare for this year. We usually have a family costume (DIY) for parties, as well as individual costumes for trick or treating & kid's parties. This year is Benny's first year at nursery school so he's pretty pumped for his own kid's costume party. 

Buying costumes, especially for a whole family, can be down right expensive and when they're only worn once our environment pays the real cost. That's why I'm proud to partner with Eco-Outfitters Online for The 3rd Annual Toronto West Costume Swap! 



The Details:

1. Drop off your clean, gently-used costumes at Eco Outfitters Office between Sept 2, 2014 & Oct 2, 2014. Be sure to pin your name & email address to your costume so they can confirm your trade in.

2. Return to Eco Outfitters Online on Saturday Oct 4th 10am-6pm and shop for a FREE gently-used costume for your little one. 

*If you don't have a costume to trade in you can still shop the costume swap from 12pm-6pm with a minimum $5 donation to The New Mom Project

While looking through our past Halloween pictures I realized that Ben has been a lion several times...maybe time to trade in some lions for a new animal. Can't wait to see what we find!


Trick or Treating 2012 - Roar!


Trick or Treating 2013 - Roar The Sequel!

So grab your gently-used costumes & drop them by Eco Outfitters anytime this month to save money and the environment while still getting your kid an awesome Halloween costume. 

Have any questions? Contact Rebecca at Eco Outfitters Online via email  for more details.