Feeding Your Baby at This Little Piggy - Join us Today!

I've been meaning all week to write a quick blog piece about the upcoming Feeding Your Baby event at This Little Piggy that I'm taking part in. This Little Piggy is an amazing baby shop in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. I especially love this shop because they feature so many locally made products and love to host community events. At today's street sale I will be available to answer any questions about starting solids or progressing through foods with your baby. Something that we cover regularly in our workshops at Fifty-Seven. 

Embarrassingly the event is today! Saturday July 26th 11am-3pm...and I'm just getting around to it now! Sometimes my life as a stay at home mom of 2 (Ben 3 years & Lucy 9 months) and business owner can be overwhelming and I need to make choices. So this week instead of doing more things to check off my work to-do list I spent some uninterrupted time in the backyard with the kids. We weeded & harvested our veggie garden, ate apricots fresh from the tree, and enjoyed afternoon cuddles under the branches. Pure bliss. 

photo 1

In the evening I went for bike ride with my husband & celebrated 4 years of marriage while eating a delicious local meal right in our neighbourhood at The Passenger. Days like these make a life.

Last night I was feeling guilty that I hadn't done anything to prepare for today, but upon reflection I realized that I had. Feeding Your Baby isn't just about choosing the right first food. After all, there is always more than one way to do anything right. 

Feeding your baby is about incorporating a healthy lifestyle early in life. It's about introducing healthy whole foods & regular physical activity. It's about teaching your kids about food systems and where our food comes from, as well as respect for our bodies and our health. It's about teaching moderation and enjoying snacks and treats too. It's about setting an example for our kids and taking the time to enjoy life. This is my message to parents about Feeding Your Baby. 

So for anyone who is looking for something to do on this summer Saturday come join us at This Little Piggy 1594 Queen St W (Queen at Sorauren Ave), to chat about everything food! Or really anything baby you want to discuss.