From Caterpillar to Butterfly - Take Part in Junction Wings: Deadline April 30th!

Every spring our family takes part in the most fun community fundraiser ever - Junction Wings! Basically it's the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (without the inappropriate food choices) come to life in your very own home. 

For only $10 you get a caterpillar in a little container with some caterpillar food (we always get a few. Think of it as an insurance policy so you can avoid a disappointed kid). Your fuzzy friend(s) will remain in the little cup eating until they're nice and big and tired. Then it will attach to the lid of the container and spin it's cocoon. At this time you can move the container lid with the attached cocoon to an appropriate butterfly habitat (stay tuned on a post about butterfly enclosures coming soon). 

About 10 days later a beautiful painted lady butterfly emerges.

Your butterfly will need to remain in the butterfly habitat for a few days while it's wings dry out and it gains strength. 

Then it can be released outside. The whole experience is so magical and such a fun activity to do with your kids. We look forward to this event every year and are so excited that it's almost time to bring a few hungry caterpillars home. 

If you live in the city and are willing to drive to the Junction to pick up your little fuzzy friend(s), you are more than welcome to take part in this event. Simply Buy Your Caterpillars Here by 9pm on Sunday April 30th, and stay tuned for pick up dates and locations in May. 

Can't wait to share our creative caterpillar names this year. Past years have included : Carolyn Sinclair, Banana and Chickaletta. Who knows what winners the kids will chose this year. Stay tuned, and make sure to share your caterpillar adventures (#junctionwings) so we can all follow along.