Introducing With Care - Education & Inspiration From Pregnancy Through Parenthood (Formerly Fifty-Seven)


I'm so excited to announce the official arrival of With Care - Education & Inspiration from Pregnancy Through Parenthood.

Some of you might have noticed changes on my social media and website over the last few months as I was getting ready to launch With Care. Little hints that something new and exciting was coming. As you can imagine things don't happen quickly with several munchkins in tow, so thanks for your patience. 

For the last few years I have been running my classes and workshops through my business Fifty-Seven, and recently moved my blog to With Care. Although I felt like I had built up a community brand with Fifty-Seven, I felt a pull toward something else. Offering all of my Classes & Workshops, Community Events, Amazing Partnerships, Blog Posts and Videos in one place seemed like a dream. Well, I finally decided to do the work and make that dream a reality. After a long and gruelling rebrand I'm so happy with how everything has come together. One of my favourite parts is my logo, which was created by tracing my mom's handwriting. I love having a little piece of her with me on this journey. 

So what is With Care? Living a life With Care means choosing products and services wisely, with the earth and your family's health and wellness in mind. It means becoming educated and informed so you can make choices that work for your individual family. It means creating a home and life that makes your family thrive. I'm here to provide a little education & inspiration to help you do that. 

I would love if you would take a minute check out With Care and follow me on social media - Instagram, YouTubeFacebook, Twitter & Pinterest. I have lots of amazing Giveaways, informative posts and videos, as well as amazing classes and workshops coming up this spring and summer. You can also stay up to date by signing up for my newsletter. As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or topics you would like covered, or if you need any assistance registering for classes or booking a private in-home session. 

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to my community. Thanks to all of the amazing families and businesses that I have worked with over the last 4 years. I can't wait to see where the next 4 take me.

I hope you enjoy what's to come With Care. 


Care xo

*I'd also like to send a huge Thank You to everyone who has made this project possible. My amazing friend Laurence, my cousin Sarah who made my logo, Danielle for my beautiful promotonal materials, and 2 of my favourite photographers Silvia (Anchor Studios - Pregnancy & Outdoor Photos) & Carrie (Four Bees - Newborn Photos) for these beautiful images.