Simple No Knead Artisan Bread

I often yearn for fresh baked bread as the fall weather settles in and we start making more soups, stews and warm hearty meals. My mom introduced me to Artisan bread baking years ago when I was in university, but at the time I didn't truly appreciate how amazing and easy the method was. Last week a fellow babywearing Instagram mom of 3 @ellerowley (owner of Sollybaby Wraps) shared her favourite simple artisan bread recipe and it peaked my interest. I had to try it. **Please note: the original recipe used is no longer available. Here is a similar 4 ingredient no-knead artisan bread recipe version.

Last night I made a batch of dough (a 5 minute process that involves mixing 4 ingredients with a spoon, no kneading!), I let it rise overnight, and today I baked it. All I can say is, you won't be disappointed if you make this bread. It is absolutely delicious. It has a perfect crusty shell with a soft light centre that melts in your mouth. Plus your house will smell like a french bakery. Mmm...

I baked the bread it in our Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron French Oven. I was concerned about the handle of the lid and couldn't find solid advice on whether it could withstand the 475 degree temp, so I decided to play it safe and used tin foil to cover the pot instead. It worked brilliantly. Hope your family enjoys this bread as much as ours did. 

Happy Baking!

- Care

*In case you need something to go with your bread...Here's a delicious Roasted Squash Soup recipe from a few years ago that is still a favourite in our house. Enjoy!