True North Sports Camps Review - One Happy Mom's Perspective

It's always a good sign when you pick your kid up at the end of the first day of camp and they immediately say "Today was the best! I love it here. Can I come back tomorrow?" Yup, that was Ben's initial reaction to True North Sports Camps. After 2 weeks of camp I can confidently say that he's still feeling the same, and totally pumped for more camp in August. 


Sending your kid off to be in the care of camp counsellors can be daunting. Especially if it's their first year attending day camp. We talk a lot in our house about the importance of feeling safe and having fun. If our kids don't feel safe or aren't having fun than we have an issue with the program. I'm so happy to say that in these last 2 weeksI have never had a doubt about Ben's safety or well being with True North Sports Camps, and it was obvious he was having fun. 


Here are a few things that I noticed over the last 2 weeks that really make True North Sports Camps an amazing place for kids to learn, have fun and feel safe. Plus a few things that make them super parent friendly! 

  • Engaged Staff - From the moment we arrived each morning the staff were friendly with parents, campers and siblings, and helped with any kids who were a little nervous. They encouraged the kids to be silly and weren't too cool to joke around with the little ones. 
  • Sun Safety - I was so happy to learn the they reapply sunscreen as a group 3 times a day. This is huge for me and a really big improvement from our experience in previous programs. 
  • Regular Group Water Breaks - This is essential to prevent overheating and dehydration. Kids are also always encouraged to stop if they need water in between. A large water cooler is always available for kids to refill their bottles throughout the day with cold water. 
  • Beautiful Outdoor Space - The camp in the West End has a large field with lots of beautiful old trees and a great playground. Ben loved the mix of time for sports and some breaks to have fun on the play structure.
  • Safe Indoor Space - Although I want my kids outside running around as much as possible, I know that occasionally we have days that make it impossible to do so. I was relieved to know that the camp has access to indoor spaces with air conditioning & industrial fans for heat advisory and rain days (individual camp locations will vary on their facilities). Ben had 1 rain day and 1 heat advisory day during his 2 weeks, which meant they spent half a day of each inside. I was worried Ben would be disappointed by the lack of outdoor time, but when I arrived both days he was absolutely loving the games and crafting they were doing inside the portables. During superhero week they each made their own superhero cape which was a big hit with Ben.  
  • Safe & Inclusive Water Play - Every Friday the camp has water play. As a family that doesn't allow gun play, I was so relieved to hear that they use balloons, sponges and a slip and slide to stay cool. 
  • Simple Instructions For Parents - I love the welcome email the camp sends you in anticipation of each week of camp. It has everything so clearly laid out (map to location with pics of drop off area, list of what to bring, schedule for the week, contact info etc). Receiving this simple email meant that I didn't have to go searching online for anything. Something that I really appreciate as a busy parent. 
  • They Let Sleeping Babies Sleep - A few times during Ben's 2 weeks at camp the baby fell asleep on the way to pick up, making it tough to sign Ben out. The staff tent was set up right near the parking lot and everything was so visible that they would see me and bring the clipboard and Ben right to me. This meant I didn't have to wake a sleeping baby which was huge. I know this type of help isn't always possible (and shouldn't be expected), but when it is possible it makes a big difference for parents.

I am so happy that we tried out True North Sports Camps this year. Ben has had such a great time learning different sports, meeting new friends and enjoying some time without mom ;) 

If you're still looking for some summer camp for your little one, check out True North Sports Camps. Use code TrueNorth57 for 30% off their West End location this summer. You won't regret it. 



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